If you run a business, you probably rely on computer technology to make it profitable and efficient. When things are running smoothly, computers are a godsend; unfortunately, when it misfires, modern technology can lead to frustrating complications that can prove costly. If you have a strong relationship with an IT Support New York managed services, you needn't worry about computer issues. On the other hand, if you don't; you need to hear NYC story.

The story of NYC

NYC has spent a long time building his small business into the reliable, competitive enterprise it has become. After years of barely making a profit, he now competes with some big companies, which have some major resources that allow them to invest heavily in advertising and marketing campaigns that give them a big edge over NYC small company. That said, NYC has worked tirelessly to build strong relationships with each of his clients. They trust that he will always be ready to take and fill their orders; so their business will also be able to meet their customers’ expectations. 

Unfortunately, one fateful day, NYC computer network becomes infected with a virus that takes it offline and shuts down production. Because he doesn't have the financial resources to pay a full-time, in-house IT staff; NYC is relegated to thumbing through the phone book, looking for a qualified Support IT New York. When he finally finds one, it takes hours for them to arrive; and, when they finally do, it takes several more hours for them to familiarize themselves with his company and the systems it uses. 


After two days, Jim's systems are back online; however, the consequences are dire. Because he was unable to take orders or make shipments; two of his clients were forced to do business with one of his competitors. Not only did he lose thousands of dollars, he has allowed his competitors the chance to woo his long-time clients. 

A better way

Had Jim allied with a local IT New York Support provider before trouble arose, he could have gotten instant service that would have had his systems online within hours or even minutes. Don't end up like Jim. By establishing a familiar relationship with an IT company offering 24/7/365 monitoring, technical support, network Management, VoIP business solutions and more; you can be sure that someone you know will always be at the ready to address any potential problems that may come without warning.

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